Ask to renew a restraining order

If a judge granted you a long-term restraining order (on form DV-130), you can ask for it to be renewed (extended) before it runs out (expires).

Before you start

You must request to renew your restraining order before it expires

Check the expiration date on form DV-130 or DV-730. You can apply for a renewal up to 3 months before the expiration date. The person who applies must be the person listed in number 1 on form DV-130 or DV-730.

Make sure your restraining order has not expired yet. If it has, you will have to ask for a new restraining order.

There is no fee to ask the court to renew your order. 

Orders for child custody, visitation, child support, and spousal support do not end when the restraining order expires. Orders about the children usually end when the child turns 18. 

How to ask to renew a restraining order

  • Fill out court forms

    Attach a copy of your current restraining order (form DV-130) to form DV-700.

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    You can ask your Self-Help Center to review your paperwork. They can make sure you filled it out properly before you move ahead with your case.

  • File (turn in) your forms to the court

    Filing your forms at a courthouse: Not every courthouse accepts restraining order papers. Find the courthouse in your county that will file restraining order papers by going to Find my Court and looking under "Matters Served" and find the nearest courthouse that accepts restraining orders or family cases.

    At the courthouse, you’ll file the forms by giving the original and two copies to the clerk. Your forms will then be reviewed by a judge. The clerk will let you know when to return to pick up your court papers.

    Filing your forms online: You can file your papers online (called e-filing). Go to your court’s website to find out how to e-file. The court will return your forms to you electronically.

    Some courts have a drop box that you can use. A drop box can be located inside or outside the courthouse. If you put your court papers in a drop box, make sure include the original plus two copies, and use an envelope or rubber band to keep all your papers together. If you use a drop box, you will still have to return to the courthouse to pick up your court papers. Using a drop box may not be the fastest way to get your papers reviewed by a judge. If you need protection right away, take your forms to a court clerk or file them online. 

  • Review your court papers

    You will get a court date. The date will be listed on the first page of form DV-710. Your restraining order will be extended until this court date. At the court date, the judge will decide whether to renew (extend) your restraining order for five or more years.

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